About Us

Welcome! On our site of Kids Fashion Magazine! The website for and by models/Brandreppers!

Kids Fashion Magazine is the magazine for children, parents and shops with a dream. A source of information and reviews of beautiful shops and products. And especially for our shops, we have the best kids fashion shop of 2018 competition More information can be found under the heading best kids fashion webshop 2018

Every month we will put 3 brandreps/models in the spotlight and share their tips, tricks and experiences with you. Are you an experienced Brandrepper/model and would you like to be in the spotlight? To sign up go under the heading ‘ Brandrepper/model of the month ‘

No experience with Brandreppen/model work yet? And don’t you know where to start? Our regular photographer will give you handy tips every month to be able to make the most beautiful pictures in our column ‘ tips from a photographer ‘

And to complete the feast, we will interview various, influential people and ask for their advice to make your dreams come true!