The schools have been started for a while and most of the children currently have a continuous roster, including my own 3 children. In itself I don’t have the most difficult eaters, but it remains a challenge to give a nice lunch with everything they like.

By accident i have stumbled 3 years ago on the concept bento lunchboxes, Bento is basically a lunch box with boxes that you can fill. But Bento is besides that much more, using various accessories you can make the Bento box fun and exciting.

Now you have a lot of variations in Bento boxes, but my preference really goes to the Yumbox, they have several variants.

A snack, original with 6 compartments, panino with 4 compartments and a new tapas with 5 compartments

I myself have the the snack, original and Panino in house!

Next to the lunch box, you will need some nice accessories etc, below a few examples!

What is also very nice is the bread lunch boxes cards, you can use just plain papers that you decorate, but also on Pinterest you can find many papers. You can print them yourself and laminate for example so you can use them more often.

Now you can start. There are many different ways of setting up a Bento box, but there is no way the best. Look at your child and what they love and enjoy, and go from there to put together a box. I have been working for 3 years now and I still don’t have the most beautiful boxes, but my kids always open them with pleasure and usually they are completely empty.

Below some examples of Pinterest:

Good luck with compiling your Bento box!

The next time we go into the content<3

See you again



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